Gay Marriage

With marriage between persons of the same sex, same-sex marriage or gay marriage, we mean a legal transaction that indicates the union between two persons of the same sex, for civil, religious or both purposes and which is usually celebrated through a ceremony publishes said wedding, entailing rights and obligations between the spouses and towards any offspring. Gay marriage is legal in various countries, and is one of the claims in the area of ​​civil rights. It arises from the need to eliminate from legislation the inequality of treatment based on sexual orientation, on the assumption that the homosexual relationship is an expression of sexuality and that the right to marriage is an inalienable right of the person.

On April 16, 1061 Pedro Diaz and Muño Vandilaz got married in the church of Santa Maria de Ordes in Rairiz de Veiga (Galicia). It was not the only one that took place in Europe during the Middle Ages, but it was the oldest in the Iberian Peninsula. There may have been other previous ones, although not documented, so the couple is considered the pioneer in homosexual marriage in present-day Spain and Portugal. The writing was deposited in the tomb of Celanova, until it was transferred to the National Historical Archive of Madrid, a looting that spread to other documentation centers in the Kingdom of Galicia.

Nowadays, we have 28 countries around the world that approve gay marriage. But not everyone agrees. What do you think about gay marriage? We await your opinion.