Your wedding music

The musical atmosphere at a wedding is necessary, both to maintain an intimate atmosphere and to enjoy the after-wedding party. We tell you everything you need to know to choose the music that will define your day.

Who is it for?

Music has to be enjoyed by everyone. Don't play music just to cheer up your guests without you liking it - I'm sure there are songs that you and your friends sing along to when they play it for you! Go for music that you really enjoy and you will create an unforgettable party.

Types of music


Whether for the wedding reception or the party, a DJ is the right choice if you want to explore all kinds of musical styles during the evening.

Get to know the repertoire of the DJ you are going to hire and talk to him/her to choose the type of music you want to play during your wedding.


Live bands during the evening and the party is one of the most demanded options by more and more people every day.

As with the DJ, it is important to know the repertoire of the band you want to hire, as well as talking to them to offer them songs you want to include.


Orchestras with music coming from instruments are usually hired for the time of the wedding, but there are no rules about music and if you want to hire it for the after party, go ahead!

They will make your wedding an intimate and special moment that you will remember with great love.

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