Our Services

Organizing a wedding requires a lot of preparations, we seek to make it easier for you to find professionals in Spain to be in charge of managing the tasks that will give the perfect brushstroke of the event.

Complete organization

The organization of a wedding can bring you several headaches, that is why we have the complete organization service.

We will take care of planning, organizing, designing and coordinating all of your events before and during the event to make sure it goes perfectly.


If you already have everything organized, we offer you the coordination service during the event. Our wedding planners will coordinate all the services contracted during that day so that everything goes as expected and that your only concern will be to dance and smile.

Organization and decoration.

Apart from the organization, we will also plan the decoration. We will focus our efforts on achieving a design according to your tastes, customization is very important.

You will be able to surprise your guests and we will be there to make sure everything goes perfect.

Coordination and decoration

If, in addition to coordinating the service, you need someone to carry the decoration of the event, we will help you design the decoration for the event on that special day.

Other services

Do you need a service to hire but don’t know where? We will help you by offering the services that have not yet been planned.