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Why should you get married in Spain?

Probably you are planning your perfect wedding but, have you ever thought about celebrating it abroad? We are going to give you the reasons why you have to celebrate your wedding in Spain

Spain is a country that welcomes more and more tourists every year for its culture, history, good climate and welcoming people. More and more people are looking to add a special touch to their weddings, which is why Spain will offer you a wide range of options in terms of local resources for your event.


The price is one of the most important factors to consider. We are going to compare the average of a wedding in Spain vs in Ireland based on 130 guests.


The average cost of a wedding: €16,700 


The average cost of a wedding:  €34,900 

A wedding in Spain is €18,200 cheaper than Ireland. What can you do with that money?

Pay the accomodation and transport of the guests, a honeymoon in a exotic place… But the price is not the only reason to get married in Spain.


More and more people are looking to add a special touch to their weddings, which is why Andalusia will offer you a wide range of options in terms of local resources for your event.

Spring in Spain lasts from March to June and the temperature is usually around 16ºC and it is sunny. If you are looking for a mild, sunny and atmospheric day for your wedding day, don't hesitate to celebrate your wedding day during these dates.

Summer in Spain is the popular,warm season.June to September are the right months if you wish for a summery atmosphere. If you visit the city, there will be many people in the street, which will certainly build up a pleasant,lively atmosphere.

Autumn begins in September and ends in December. During this season the weather is still good, although the temperature is milder than in summer. The low season begins, so there will be less festive atmosphere if that's what you're looking for.

Winter in Spain starts in December and runs until March and is the perfect time to travel cheaply due to the low season. Also the temperature will drop (in Andalusia less than in the rest of Spain), so if you want a wedding without being hot, winter is your perfect season.


Never do my absent eyes deserve
To see your wall, your towers and your river,
Thy plain and mountains, oh homeland, oh flower of Spain!”

To Córdoba, Luis de Góngora


Equestrian show

This is one of the best known shows in Spain and takes place mainly in the city of Cordoba. It consists of dances performed on horseback and is a real treat to see.


It is one of the most eagerly awaited moments for Spaniards. The fair is usually held in Andalusia, and the best known are the ones in Seville and Cordoba. It is a week of non-stop music, alcohol and partying. It is undoubtedly one of the most desired Spanish traditions.


Hacienda el cordobés

The hacienda is an estate of approximately 20 hectares, set in the beautiful natural landscape of the Sierra Morena.

bodegas campos

Magnificent complex full of corners and outdoor spaces, with a group of different houses and six traditional courtyards.

FINCA abeto del maestre escuela

A property full of charming corners where you can celebrate the civil ceremony, the cocktail, the banquet.



Andalusia has two main airports: Malaga and Seville. Both airports are the same distance from Cordoba, so either of them would be convenient. Malaga airport tends to be a more frequent international airport.

Rent a car

Renting a car is the easiest option if you want to get around the city and be more independent, but it would also be quite expensive for you and your guests. Cordoba is 1h 20 minutes from Malaga airport (AGP) on the A-45 and 1h 30 min from Seville airport (SVQ) on the A-4.


The connections from Malaga or Seville to Cordoba are good, and so are the timetables.However, as you will probably be bringing guests to your wedding, we offer you a private bus for you and your guests that will pick you up at the airport.


The connections from Cordoba to different parts of Andalusia are good and fast, so you won’t have any problems planning your wedding with your guests if you want to travel by train.

Where to find Córdoba

We leave you a small map where you can see the different route options you can do in case you choose any of the above mentioned transports.


How can I celebrate my wedding in Spain?

If you want to celebrate a civil wedding in Spain (through the court, town hall or notary public), it may be a little bit complicated for you since, in order to get married on Spanish territory, the law requires one of the couple to be Spanish, to have Spanish nationality or to have been resident in Spain for at least two years. 

If you meet any of these requirements, you should go to the embassy or consulate of your country in Spain, or call the telephone number, to ask for information about this procedure and to make the paperwork easier for you. There they will inform you of all the documents you need to provide and the deadline for submitting each of them.

Unfortunately this preference is not for people who marry people of the same sex, but for those Catholics who want to get rid of the legal paperwork, it is a good option if you meet the requirements.

These requirements are:

  • Take a prenuptial course
  • Be baptised
  • Have had communion and confirmation (confirmation is not necessary but is advised by the church).
  • Permission from your local bishop to get married in a Spanish church.

In addition to this, you will be able to legalise your marriage in your home country.

For weddings of different religions such as Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist and others, it is just as legal but has different requirements. We recommend that you go to the place of worship where you usually go or the nearest one to find out about the necessary requirements, as well as the options you have in Spain to get married in the place of worship of your religion.

It is the easiest way to get married in Spain. For this, you can do the legal paperwork in your country of origin and celebrate it on Spanish territory, and it is also more customisable than a church wedding, for example.


Flamenquín is the typical Cordovan dish par excellence, although thanks to its popularity it has spread throughout the Iberian Peninsula. It consists of pieces of cured ham rolled in strips of pork loin, coated in breadcrumbs, although the inside can vary.
Wine is a sign of identity in Spain, and even more so in Andalusia. The Andalusian provinces most famous for their wine are Cordoba and Jaén. You can’t miss out on a trip to one of these two provinces and try their delicious wine in one of their many bodegas.
In Spain, and more specifically in Andalusia, it is very common to include fish -and seafood- in weddings, as they are usually not that expensive and flavourful dishes that everyone loves. In addition, many typical Spanish dishes have seafood added to them, such as paella.

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