Why get Married in Spain?

I know what you’re thinking…why should I get married in Spain? Wouldn’t it be too much trouble to organize my wedding abroad

Fortunately,we have all the answers to your questions as to why you should get married in Spain.The country offers many cultural traditions,appetizing gastronomy,breathtaking views and most importantly – its tropical climate.All of these factors are considered imperative when creating a perfect ambience for a wedding celebration.

Let’s start with the cultural traditions.Spain is one of the few countries who hosts equestrian shows around the world.These Andalusian dancing horse shows are known as the lipizzaner performances.People enjoy these shows during spring and summer mostly.These equestrian shows are also very popular in Cordoba.There is also a tradition where rice would be thrown to the bride and groom when they walk out of the church.This symbolises luck for the future.

Spanish gastronomy is very different from any other.When visiting Spain you will often see people ordering tapas.Tapas are similar to side orders but are treated like starters.Some of its  traditional savoury dishes include paella,a seafood dish combined with rice and vegetables,croquettes,breaded  iberian flavoured snacks,is also recognized as tapas.On the other hand,one of the most appreciated sweet Spanish food is churros.Churros is a fried dough that is shaped like a thin cylinder and is often dipped in a rich chocolate sauce.

One of the most important features to have for your wedding day is the beautiful scenery,accompanied with the tropical climate.Luckily,Spain has the most beautiful places to spend your magical day in.Summer months are the most visited by tourists,this is because of the pleasant temperature.Summer in Spain runs from June to August.We encourage you to look at our website for further information on the magical wedding venues you can visit.If in doubt for organizing your special event in Spain, contact us and we will help you to turn your dreams into reality.