The Story of Romeo and Juliet

We all know the story of Romeo and Juliet,two star-crossed lovers who shared a very unfortunate destiny.This 16th century Shakespearan tragedy occurred in  Verona,Italy where two wealthy families known as the Montagues and the Capulets reconciled after the death of their children.This tragic love story ended with the two protagonists ended their lives to be with each other for eternity and mark their love for each other.This is where the story begins.

The houses of Capulets and Montagues despised each other.Juliet was a clueless teenager who claimed to have found her soulmate,Romeo.They shared their first encounter when Romeo attended the Capulet Feast where he first laid his eyes on Juliet.They instantly attracted each other at the feast and felt a strong connection.Juliet being Capulet,and Romeo being a Montague,it was impossible for this unfortunate couple to be revealed together.The family’s never-ending conflict proceeding in Verona broke these two lovers’ chance to be together.

Lord Capulet,Juliet’s father,initially gave Juliet time to marry who ever she desired,however he suddenly changed his opinion and decided that she would marry Count Paris immediately.Juliet was appalled with her father’s decision and knew she had no choice.To redeem her and Romeo’s love,Juliet in despair seeked advice from Friar Laurence.Friar Laurence proposed a plan to  Juliet.He had said to go ahead with the wedding,however,the night before the wedding,she would drink a poison that would stop her lungs from breathing until Romeo would come and rescue her to run away together.

Unfortunately, this plan did not work as Romeo never received the letter regarding the plan.Romeo came to the tomb,believing Juliet was dead,and therefore killed himself.Juliet then woke up and found Romeo laying in her arms and killed herself with Romeo’s dagger instantly.The family’s conflict between another has led them to their children’s deaths.Although the families reconciled after their tragic losses,it was too late to save two young lovers from ending their lives.In my opinion,If The Montagues and Capulets forgave each other,the couple could have had a happy long life and the city of Verona would have redeemed itself from its unpleasant ambiance.